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Proloquo2Go - AAC on an iPhone

Proloquo2Go provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It brings natural sounding text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, full expandability and extreme ease of use to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Screenshot of iPhone with Proloquo2Go
More about Proloquo2Go . . .

Proloquo2go in action

Proloquo2Go is now available for purchase on the App Store
Tap to Talk

This package isavailable for a number of portable devices and makes it easier for people who have communication difficulties to have a voice.
See Tap to Talk in Action


iAugComm turns your Android into a powerful, high-quality, low-cost augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device, which can enable individuals who are non-verbal or whose speech is difficult to understand to communicate easily and effectively using a simple, icon-based interface.

iAugComm for Android

AMDi TechTouch.

AMDi TechTouchUsing a computer based platform, the Tech/TouchTM can be customized for special needs of users.The Tech/TouchTM is encased in a customized housing to ensure durability. With Windows® XP Professional operating system, 20 GB hard drive, 256MB of memory and 10.4 inch LCD touch screen. It can function as a basic computer with the capability of adding components from Wireless Adapters to custom communication software packages, such as Grid2, depending on the necessity of the users special needs.


PathfinderA communications tool that features both a static keyboard plus a colour display. It comes pre-installed with vocabulary and pictures, computer keyboard emulation and infrared controls. It's apparently lightweight and compact.

The makers claim a battery life of over 10 hours of continuous use. The device can be accessed directly via a keyboard and touch screen display, through infrared head pointing or with switch-activated scanning ( single and double switch and joystick options).

Parameters can also be adjusted to create the most effective access to the device. Auditory promptshelp users with vision impairment.


A communication Aid based on the Samsung Q1Ultra SSD UMPC. SSD means 'solid state drive' and means that there are no moving parts inside. This makes it very robust and ideal for something which may get bashed about a bit.

Image of Samsung Q1The Q-Talk software was developed by. two parents, one a software engineer, the other a teacher and CAP assessor. The editing suite is 'what you see is what you get' (WYS/WYG). A button wizard enables you to create symbol pages with the click of a button.

The Q-talk comes with symbols as standard In the editor you can simply drag the symbols from a directory at the side of the page and away you go.

You can also build visual scene displays (interactive pictures), design your own onscreen keyboard, access the internet and many other things.


MegabeeA simple-to-use writing tablet to aid frequent communication. The tablet uses eye movement and blinking as the method to select letters, which are displayed on the integral screen. It's fully portable and can be used for bed-confined, home-care and chair-mobile situations. Whilst the unit does not require computing equipment for its basic operation it does however have Bluetooth® wireless communication ability should the user require to display on a larger screen or input text into a personal computer. For example the letter ‘K’ would be selected by looking first at the blue block where the letter K is located and blinking (the carer then presses the blue button), then, as the letter ‘K’ is black, the user looks at the black block and blinks (the carer presses the black button and the letter ‘K’ appears on the screen). Similar protocols exist for deleting text and adding spaces, as well as accessing various menu functions such as bluetooth, contrast, scrolling and other housekeeping facilities. There is an LCD display on each side of the tablet, visible to reader and writer. A powerful vocabulary facility is also provided. This allows users to compile their own set of shorthand words or phrases which can be uploaded at will. For example ‘T2’ might assigned to ‘Television’, or ‘H1’ means ‘I am too hot’. These phrases can be changed to suit varying situations such as bed care, mobility, or in the case of ward supervision, can be changed for different users.


Toby-Churchill LightwriterA portable text-to-speech communication aid.It hasdual displays, one facing the user so they see what is being typed, and a second outfacing display to allow communication in a natural face-to-face position. Suitable for the needs of people with some literacy skills but nt so good dexterity/mobility skills and for those who have problems with speech, and want messages that can be typed and read out in stages. It can be used by those who are hard of hearing. Font sizes can be enlarged and there is version with larger keys which is useful for people with vision impairment.

Meet some Lightwriter users . . .

Using the Lightwriter

SL40 User guide . . .

The Lightwriter with scanning module

The Plug-In Scan Module converts a keyboard-model Lightwriter to one with scanning access. It has been designed for users with progressive conditions who become unable to continue using the keyboard. It plugs into the Lightwriter and allows scanning access with 1 or 2 switches.

Scanning is a selection technique for people who cannot use a keyboard. The alphabet is displayed on a screen on which a cursor moves automatically from letter to letter. When the cursor reaches the desired letter, the user activates a switch to select that letter.

More information about the module . . .

The Lightwriter with scanning module

image of Lightwriter scanning module

Horrifically injured army hero Ben Parkinson utters his first words since bomb blast - using hi-tech speech synthesiser
(Daily Mail 1th November 2009)

A hero soldier left unable to speak because of brain damage suffered in an Afghan mine blast has uttered his first words - using a new hi-tech speech synthesiser called a Lightwriter.

The Lightwriter SL40 allows him to talk on the phone for the first time, send SMS messages and speeds up conversations thanks to predictive speech software. It also has a choice of high quality Acapela voices for improved intelligibility and intonation, and an easy-to-use adjustable keypad.

Read the full story about Ben and his new Lightwriter . . .

Picture of Ben Parkinson using a Lightwriter

Ben Parkinson with his parents (Daily Mail photo)

Autism and the DynaVox

Abbey and her DynaVox III

GUS Communicator 6000

More devices from GUS Communicators . . .

Glenn and his communicator

Tap-to-Talk for the Nintendo DS

TapToTalk gives a non-verbal child a voice with the tap
of a picture. It turns a handheld Nintendo DSi or DS Lite
into an augmentative and alternative communication
(AAC) device.

Introduction to the Liberator Vantage Lite

Overview of the Vantage Lite

Liberator Vantage Lite tutorial with Minspeak/LLL

Persona Mobile communicator. Based on an HTC mobile phone.

For text-to-speech voice output, the intuitive Persona communication program is icluded. It’s also a full-functioning PDA with a cell phone, stereo Bluetooth®, built-in satellite GPS navigation, digital camera, built-in WiFi®, an integrated, detachable keyboard and a carrying case. The color touch screen is very bright with a wide viewing
angle. You can conversations face-to-face or over the phone, send SMS text messages or e-mails, surf the web, listen to music, and more.

More information about the Persona . . .

Persona Mobile communicator

Image of the Persona Mobile communicator

Say It Sam

The Say-it! SAM Communicator has been one of their most popular products since 2003. Now they've completely updated the design. The Say-it! SAM Communicator has a new look with a larger speaker for better sound, plus more battery life, a faster processor, and an easier-to-use, more robust charging port. It responds quicker to the touch, starts up easily even if the battery runs all the way down, and has a day-light display. they've added a NeoSpeech voice option to the traditional DECtalk voice.

Say-IT Sam and CALLtalk

Say-IT Sam and MessageMaker

The FuturePad - by SmartBoxAT

Picture of FuturePadThe FuturePad is a Windows XP based communication aid that is light and rugged enough to be carried, or can be mounted on a desk stand or wheelchair.

It has a finger-operated touch screen and a battery life of about 5 hours. The FuturePad is supplied with The Grid 2 pre-installed, so it is ready to use for either text or symbol based communication.

More about SmartBoxAT communicators . . .

SmartBoxAT PowerBox 4
Picture of PowerBox 4 communicator
SmartBoxAt PowerBox 3

Picture of PowerBox 3

Super Auggie AAC
Super Auggie consists of a 'slate PC' (about the size of a piece of paper), running Windows XP Home, with a 12.1" true touchscreen. With this device you can:

  • Use their own, included, AAC software, PTP-PC!
  • Surf the Internet! (it has built-in WiFi *and* Ethernet port, and a 56K modem)
  • Play any DVD movie!
  • Operate by direct touch, *trackball, *joystick, *switch(es), *head tracking

image of the super auggie

More information about the Super Auggie . . .

The FAB (Frenchay Alphabet Board)

Screenshot of Frenchay Alphabet BoardFAB is suitable for any person who is literate but is unable to speak. This may be due to vocal chord damage, swallowing difficulties, tracheotomy, stroke, MS, MND, ALS, Rett syndrome, dyspraxia, Parkinsons disease, or people with general communication problems, ventilation or speech difficulties. It is also a useful spelling device when trying to talk to people with hearing problems. FAB is a useful emergency back-up for users of higher technology equipment such as eye-tracking of text to speech devices. Having no batteries it is always available.

Offers additional benefits to existing products.
  • Positive finger location for letter selection
  • Washable, hygenic design
  • Non-slip, antibacterial rubber base
  • Spill-proof
  • Choiceof sizes and layouts
Full details are available at their website at www.fab.uk.com

The Tellus Mobi

Image of Tellus Mobi communicator

A portable version of the popular Tellus 3+, providing the same versatility via the Windows Operating System. It is the first communication device with an integrated mobile Phone option, allowing users to be able to make and receive phone calls.

It can be used with a wheelchair mounting system if required. The Mobi is supplied with MindExpress, keyboard, mouse, USB memory stick, USB hub, carry case & AC Adapter.

Tellus 3+

Image of Tellus 3+A Fujitsu tablet computer that has been adapted to create a very robust, wheelchair mountable dynamic screen communication aid.
Finger Touch Screen (resistive)...True finger touch access
GEWA Module for environmental control

External battery or wheelchair power cable
Switch or Joystick interface

More informaion about Tellus 3+ . . .

More information about the Tellus Mobi, from Techess . . .

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