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An overview of communication software


Windbag is a simple to ease, but powerful text based communication aid program for people with literacy skills. It provides many ways to store and retrieve messages. It has two main screens - the chat box and the phrase bank.* Type and speak your messages.* Use abbreviations.* Predictive typing to speed up input.* Smart context-based message storage.* Keep commonly used messages near the top of the list.* Speak from the clipboard.* Use recorded or synthetic messages.* Works with most text to speech systems for Windows.* Use Windbag to read back text created in other programs.

Windbag can be used with other languages, but you may have to configure your keyboard to suit. An alternative is to use an online keyboard to write your desired text and then copy/paste it into Windbag. This resource caters for several languages . . .

Screenshot of Windbag

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Grid 2

An all-in-one package for communication and access. The Grid 2 allows people with limited or unclear speech to use a computer as a voice ouput communication aid, using symbols or text to build sentences.You can also access your Windows desktop and other programs, with the built in Computer Control features.In addition to this, you can send and receive email and sms messages, browse the web, listen to music... and more too! The Grid 2is accessible to everybody, accepting input from switches, headpointer, touchscreen, mouse, and other options too.

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Grid Keys - a computer control program that allows users of switches and pointing devices to use standard Windows programs without either the keyboard or mouse.

Grid keys screenshot
Grid 2 - Default keyboard

Grid 2 - Personalised keyboard

Grid 2 - Making a Jump Cell

Video by SmartBoxAT

Grid 2 - Adding rows and columns

Video by SmartBoxAT

Say it Sam

Say it Sam and CCS

Say it Sam and Message Maker

Say it Sam and IDV/2-A

Say it Sam and IDV/2-B

Type Speak

TypeSpeak enables the higher-functioning user to participate in real-time conversation, by writing and speaking the message directly from the device, through an on-screen soft keyboard (colour-coded for ease of use), or via the user's own cursive, or block-capital, handwriting recognition. Advanced features also provide design and selection for word and next letter prediction, a message gallery, etc. Also TextSpeak Mobile. www.touchspeak.co.uk

EZ Keys

Designed for users who have at least a third-grade reading level and cannot speak, or for users who speak and desire adapted computer access. Users with a wide range of disabilities find EZ Keys XP simple to operate and essential to everyday communication. EZ Keys XP allows the literate user to do everything from typing a letter, to engaging in conversation with a friend, to exploring the worldwide web. World-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking uses the software to communicate, write papers, and deliver lectures around the world.

EZ Keys for Windows is a text based communication and computer access package. It allows a user to communicate and to control the computer by means of anything from a single switch to a keyboard.
Communication is achieved through EZ Keys powerful SideTalk utility, using instant phrases, text, abbreviations or the Reader facility.

Messages to be spoken in a conversational manner can be generated in various ways: Instant phrases allow you to speak quickly and store and retrieve commonly used phrases and sentences on any topic. Phrases can be grouped into categories to enable faster, easier access.

Frank Vanik using EZKeys with a bite switch


Voice4Me is designed as a quick and simple way to bring speech to users who have difficulty speaking. There are 154 Text-To-Speech (TTS) areas that can be customised to meet the users needs. Also, there is a text area for the user to type whatever they want the computer to say. This software is designed to turn computers in to communication devices (Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC). This program is freely downloadable from SchoolFreeware.com
Voice4Me for the Mac

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Voice4Me for Windows

AAC on your IPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone


This is an introduction video about Proloquo2Go, the new AAC solutions for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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There is now an alternative to Proloquo2Go. It is called Predictable and is available on the Ipad, Iphone and ipod Touch.

Predictable Information

TaptoTalk for Android (free)

You customise what your child sees and hears in TapToTalk on a web site called TapToTalk Designer. With it, you build "albums" that fit your child's needs. For example, an album can be for home, school or even one just devoted to his favorite foods. TapToTalk Designer has a library of over 2,400 pictures that you use to organize your albums. You can also add your own pictures and record your voice. The APP itself is free, but you pay a subscription to be able to design your own albums.

Screenshot of TapToTalk apps

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TaptoTalk download QR code.

Scan this with your phone and it will take you straight to the download link.
QR code for Android TaptoTalk

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