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According to the Game Accessibility project, the game industry is expanding at a tremendous rate. Games have been growing in depth and complexity over the past years and have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, with yearly sales exceeding 7.4 billion dollars. Many innovative developments in new media and ICT arise from the game industry. At the same time there is a huge increase in game-oriented studies at universities and academies.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern computer games do not meet the needs of gamers who function under limiting conditions. Limiting conditions can be functional limitations, or disabilities - such as blindness, deafness, or mobility limitations. (Source: Game Accessibility)

Why some games are not accessible (Source:

Microsoft Project Natal - for a revolutionary new way to play on your Xbox 360 without the need for a controller. It's the future

Playing a race game with one hand

Playing a game with a head tracker

Playing a game with one switch

Can someone who is quad play video games?

Playing Counterstrike using SmartNav

Using combination of head track and voice recognition

Mainstream Game Developers talk about Accessibility is talking to Mainstream Game Developers
Paul Barnett, Creative Director of WarHammer Online Asks Developers About Game Accessibility @ GDC '09

Advocate for Accessible video games

Florio was paralyzed from the neck down at age 14 after a diving accident. These days, the 20-something is pursuing an online course in art and game design. The video game fan hopes to start his own game company some day. In the meantime, he has become an advocate of "accessible" games-- games that can be easily played by people with handicaps.

Robert uses a combination of SmartNav, voice recognition and sip'n'puff.

View the video and read more about Robert Florio . . .

Video game technology gives injured war veterans a new lease on life. More about this story . . .
screenshot of a disabled user playing a game

Switch accessible pinball

Special Effect Accessible Game Therapy

Games Resources

  • Game Box controllers by RJ Cooper - Adaptations available for all models:XBox 360, XBox, Playstation 2 or 3, and GameCube

    Cordless XBox 360 Rear-Triggers Switch Adaptation w/optional

    Accessible games controller by RJ Cooper
    X-Box with Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation

    Accessible games controller by RJ Cooper
    X-Box 360 With Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation AND Joystick Extensions

    Accessible games controller by RJ Cooper

  • Game Accessibility.

    accessible games logoThis website is part of the Game Accessibility project, a research project that focuses on the accessibility of electronic games for gamers with disabilities.

    This website aims to inform disabled gamers about the availability of accessible games, and functions at the same time as an academic resource for developers, publishers and researchers in order to stimulate accessibility in games.
    More about Games Accessibility . . .

    Games links by disability group . . .
    screenshot of game accessibility website

  • is a community for disabled gamers. One of the most active site for news on mainstream games written for the disabled community, by fellow disabled gamers.

    They have an active community, active forum, and frequently updated news. AbleGamers has interviewed the makers of Star Trek Online, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and so many more.

    AbleGamers is not just talking to each other about game accessibility; they are taking to the folks making the games disabled people want to play.'s Front Page
  • Accessible Gaming Gear

  • Gamevial. A game arcade built for blind and partially sighted online game players. What they say about their website:

    "Play our online blind games now free directly from your browser. All webgames on Gamevial Accessible were built exclusively and are available play now.
    Gamevial accessible games use rich sounds, sound imagery, live speech, and in game audio, in game instructions and some pioneering online sound techniques in game such as audio pan which allows us to place sound objects in both 2D and 3D game engines we have developed. Some of the free games on this website will have you running about in 3D mazes and shooting the bad guys.

    All games on this website have been built exclusively for Accessible Web games by the creators of . Gamevial is a collection of over forty webgames built for free online play and online community for web gamers. The game website recieves over one hundred thousand players a month and is for seeing players, we believe in doing the same for the blind community an enjoyable game arcade and experience will grow.

    Based in Edinburgh, UK, Gamevial developers had the opportunity to work with the RNIB where they exhibited games to the blind community, game feedback/link was very encourageing and using the feedback from the blind community Gamevial decided to dedicate time to developing games for the blind and launching the Gamevial Accessible Web Games game portal. " Gamevial . . .

  • BBC - CBBC. Siwtch games . . .

  • Useful list of accessible games resources and links . . .

    ebility logo

  • Inclusive Technology and BBC's CBBC have teamed up to produce siwtch accessible games . . .

  • Free accessible games from Papunet . . .

    Screenshot of Papunet
    Image: Papunet website screenshot

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