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Emporia Life Phone

Emporia claim to be the first company that have made a mobile phone specifically for the elderly.

The Austrian designed emporia life mobile phone has acknowledged that older people have difficulties using mobile phones and have come up with this basic mobile, the life phone.

A lot of elderly people have difficulty using even simple mobile phones because manufacturers dont make a big button mobile phone or large button mobile phone also many older people have failing eyesight or loss of hearing so now emporia have made the emporia life that is a simple to use mobile phone that has features to help senior citizens whos eyesight and hearing have deteriorated.

Emporia Life Plus

Following on from the Emporia Life mobile handset for the older generation in Europe last year - which sold 250,000 units, Matobmobile now Introduce the Emporia Life Plus Handset

Designed to be easy to use with its big buttons and oversized screen with large fonts the emporia life plus is aimed at the needs of people who want a mobile phone where the buttons are big enough to press and the screen is big enough to read. It is also designed for people who are hard of hearing. The large fonts and the large orange backlit screen are designed to help people with visual impairment.

The emergency feature enables the user at the press of one button to contact up to five people in sequence to make sure they get a response in an emergency situation.

emporia life plus phone

EasyProject EasyUse Mobile Phone

The ITT Easy Project Easyuse SMS, with its distinctive big buttons is a scaled-down mobile phone thats apparently easy to grip and simple to use. Its been designed for people who just want a phone to make and receive phone calls ,who prefer mobile phones with few functions and that are easy to use.

The phone has four buttons that can be pre-programmed, labelled M1 - M4 and large non reflective rubberised buttons.

It has a 50 number memory and can receive SMS text messages. It is available in a white or black finish.

ITT EasyUse SMS Mobile Phone


Amplicom M6000

Said to be ideal for the elderly or anyone with hearing loss as it comes equipped with a ring-tone that can blare out 100 decibels.

The earpiece can be set to an even higher volume - 110dB, apparently the equivalent of a South African vuvuzela horn being blown at full blast beside your head.

Designed with large, clear buttons and a lack of complicated features, the makers of the Amplicom M6000 say it is the ideal phone for the elderly or anyone with hearing loss.

Amplicom M6000

Amplicon M6000

Doro HandleEasy 328gsm

Easy to use phone without complicated functions. Big buttons and easy to read screen. Direct memory buttons labeled A to D and a large keypad and display make dialing easier, while a vibrating ringer alerts you of incoming calls. The Soft touch surface provides better grip, and there is an easily activated speakerphone for added convenience. It has a white on black screen for better clarity when reading the display and contrasting colors to enable the buttons to be more clearly defined.

The HandleEasy 328 is also available with handsfree ear hook. This is a headset for hearing aid users. Instead of a receiver the hook placed close to the hearing aid includes a magnetic coil that transfers the sound to the aid.

It has had all the non essential unnecessary regular mobile phone functions stripped out to ensure the phone is as simple as possible to use.
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Available to buy from Matob Shop

Doro Big Button phone

Samsung Jitterbug phone
- Comfortable keypad
- Large bright screen
- Powerful speaker
- Eliminates background noise
- Hearing-aid compatible
Samsung Jitterbug cell phone

334 Handle Plus mobile phone334 Handle Plus

An easy to handle mobile phone. One press of a button to answer incoming calls, dial any of 4 programmed numbers, place a call to emergency services or activate alert dialling and SMS to your 4 contacts.
The display makes it easy to store and view names and numbers, as well as to monitor battery and keylock status.

Image source: Hagger

Available to buy from Matob Shop

Nuance Talks

Running on Symbian™ Series 60 phones, Nuance TALKS converts the displayed text on the mobile handset into highly intelligible speech. With Nuance TALKS, blind and low-vision users can take advantage of most features, including contact directories, caller ID, text messages, help files, access to the Nokia web browser, and other screen content, available on their mobile phones. More information about Talks . . .

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kReader Mobile Package

image of a Nokia mobile phoneThe kReader Mobile Phone Package from TandT Consultancy, offers a Nokia 6220 Classic with the kReader software already installed upon it for convenience.

The kReader is a major advancement in portability and functionality of print access for struggling readers and those learning a second language. The kReader allows you to take an image of virtually any document and then the combination of character recognition software and high quality text to speech will read the contents of the document aloud. At the same time, the kReader can also display the document on the mobile phone screen and highlight each word as it is spoken.


Kreader phone imageThe knfbReader Mobile software package runs on a multifunction mobile phone that allows the user to read mail, receipts, handouts and many other documents wherever the user happens to be.The KnfbReader Mobile reader software has a feature set designed for blind or low vision users. Force Ten offer a package which includes KNFB Reader software and TALKS Premium on the N86 8MP Mobile Phone.

More information from ForceTen . . .

Magnilink Go magnifier

Magnilink Go magnifierA portable device for document scanning on your mobile phone, allowing you to read whatever you want, whenever you want. The software turns your mobile phone into a combined reading machine and digital magnifying glass.

More information about Magnilink Go . .

Magnilink Go

iAugComm AAC for Android Phones

iAugComm on an Android phoneIDEAL Group's Augmentative Communication application "iAugComm" is designed to enhance the communications abilities of people who are unable to speak. iAugComm provides an icon-based method of communication that uses the Text-To-Speech (TTS) library for Android.

Android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices.

iAugComm is available from Android Market for $4.99.

More about iAugComm may be found at:

iAugComm AAC Software


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