All in One Printer/Scanners

All in one printer/scanners come in many shapes and sizes. They are now often referred to as Multi functional printers, although not all of them also have Fax capability. Devices are now coimng onto the market which are wireless, allowing the user to print directly from another wireless device, such as a laptop, without the need for a wireless network to be present. Some come with OCR capability, whilst others require the downloading of additional OCR software. A good OCR package will allow a program such as JAWS screenreader to scan documents and then read them out loud to the user.

The following is an overview of multifunctional printers. The fact they are mentioned here does not necessarily mean that they have been specifically selected for accessibility.

HP Deskjet F2280 multi functional printer.
Comes with OCR software.

HP F2280 printer and scanner
Canon PixMa MP600R
Comes with OCR software

Image of PixMa MP600R multifunctional printer

HP Photosmart C4580 Wi-Fi printer/scanner/copier

Canon PixMa MP210 multifunctional
Comes with ScanSoft OmniPage SE OCR

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