CCTV and Video Magnifiers

Image of CCTV device userCCTV and Video Magnification systems are used by people who are visually impaired, to magnify the print in books, magazines and newspapers. It can also be used to write letters, and do different types of crafts like needlepoint.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
is a video magnification system consisting of a video screen interfaced with a video camera. Video magnification is achieved in two ways - the electronic conversion from the small camera imager to the larger display screen and the optical effect of the cameras zoom lens . CCTV includes the following basic features: video camera with zoom lens (hand-held or stand); monitor or television (attached camera or external); provide enlarged image of material under camera; from approximately 2x to 72x depending on the capabilities of the camera and the monitor being used. The magnification capabilities of the CCTV unit is dependent on the size of the monitor being used to project the image. (Image source: TechReady)

The different types:

Desk top CCTV:
self-contained portables

The stand mounted vdeo magnifiers can be configured with televisions, video or computer monitors. It consists of a CCD, camera, a monitor or TV and a CCTV stand which share a computer's monitor. There is a special table to hold the material to be read called an "xy table".

With the video camera facing down onto the table, the image of the text is projected onto the monitor. The user can move the xy table to read smoothly across the page or to read columns.

CCTV with Text to Speech

CCTV with text to speech

Source: Force Ten
Portable CCTV:
self-contained portables
Hand-held video magnifiers are relatively inexpensive and connect directly to a TV or computer monitor. With this system, the camera lens is housed in a small hand held unit that the user manually moves across the line of text.

Most of these units only project black and white images but inverse presentation is possible (white letters on blackbackground). They are often used for reading prescription bottles, correspondences, bills, and/or grocery store items if used with a portable monitor.

Self-contained stand-alone units

self-contained portablesself-contained portables
Camera units which share a computer's monitor

self-contained portables

Device Examples

EEZEE Reader 2000

EEZEE Reader 2000

Image: VideoSpec
Colour Pocket Magnifier

VideoSpec colour pocket magnifier

Image: VideoSpec
Viso Magnifier

Visio Magnifier

Image: TechReady

Onyx Swingarm

Onyxswingarm  magnifier

Foci iDex

Foci iDex magnifier

Image: VisonAid Technologies
Intel Reader

Intel ReaderA handheld device that captures text and reads it out for the benefit of people with poor sight.

You can point, shoot, and quickly listen to many kinds of printed text, from books and letters to concert programs and museum displays. Discreet earphones let you hear your world read back in a lifelike voice, without worrying about disturbing others.

More information about Intel Reader . . .


VisualEyes Cobra

Image: VisualEyes
Reinecke MaxLupe Mini

Maxlupe Mini Plus

VisonAid Technologies)

Optelec ClearView

The Looky CCTV magnifier

Smartview Pocket

MagniLink S

ABISEE products for the blind and visually impaired

Photo of the Eye Pal

Eye Pal

Eye-Pal is a small portable USB device that is faster than a flatbed scanner. With a single keystroke, it only takes a few seconds to create speech or Braille output. At home, at the office, even in the dark, Eye-Pal allows you to browse through piles of letters and organize them either as paper or computer files. Eye-Pals can assist with reading bound books, newspapers, or professional magazines and can even save the printed material as text or sound with one click.

Photo of the Zoom-Ex magnifier

Zoom Ex

Zoom-Ex is a multi-tasking device that seamlessly integrates an instant scanner and the fastest OCR.

It allows you to convert any printed text into multiple accessible formats like speech, large print, sound or text file, etc. in seconds.

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