Daisy Talking Books

A Daisy book is a digital talking book, designed to allow you to move around the text as efficiently and flexibly as a print user, you can:
  • make bookmarks
  • pause books
  • speed up or slow down
  • read or ignore footnotes
  • jump easily from chapter to chapter, heading to heading and page to page.
Daisy books require less space than traditional audio books: up to 25 hours of audio can be recorded on a standard CD. To listen to a Daisy book you need a Daisy player or specially designed software on your computer.
A Daisy player is similar to a CD player allowing you to access tracks very quickly and flexibly. Some smaller players use memory cards rather than CDs and require Daisy books to be transferred to the memory card using a computer. (Source article: RNIB).

Using a Daisy Player

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Daisy makes reading easier (Spanish)

The Victor Reader Stream

More information on Daisy Format can be found on the Daisy webpage

Using a Daisy Player with a switch

The PlexTalk player, supplied by RNIB, has apparently got a switch port on the side of it. This could be triggered by an Environmental Control system (through a relay box) to enable someone to start/stop the book if they can not operate the buttons on the device itself.
The plextalk devices do not come with IR remotes so this is probably the best option for accessing a talking book.

Control of MP3 players is possible as an alternative to talking books:

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