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Switch adaptable cameras and mounts

Photo 1
Screenshot of digital camera mount

RJ Cooper have added the little box on the side that allows for 1 switch to turn it on/off and a second switch for snapping the pic (or starting/stopping the video).

Image source: RJ
Photo 2
Screenshot of switch accessible camera

Same camera as in Photo 1 but connected to two switches.

Image source: RJ
Photo 3
Dual button box and digital camera

The new Dual Button Box, which can also
be connected to an MP3 player or AAC

Image source: RJ

Digital camera mount

Image source: RJ
Digital camera mount

Image source: RJ
Digital camera mount

Image source: RJ

TECSOL (Australia)

These cameras are bundled with a specially designed interface that allows the user to control the camera and take photos with one or two switches. The user can access both the shutter and zoom functions with the same switch or use two switches, one for each function.

Typically the camera can be attached, with suitable mounting hardware, to the front of the user’s wheelchair. A suitable switch can be plugged in to the interface and positioned to suit the user. If the camera is mounted on a motorised wheelchair, it effectively becomes a mobile tripod.
Image of camera with switches

The GorillaPod

Photo of GorillaPodPhoto of Gorilla pod
Gorilla Pod review
"I love my digital camera but limited hand strength and dexterity often makes it difficult to take good pictures. As cameras get smaller and smaller they are just hard to hold and push the shutter button without blocking the flash or obscuring the display screen. For years I have often used a very small tripod as a handle to help me hold the camera. The Gorillapod appears to be a great solution to blurred pictures from camera movement. This flexible tripod wraps itself around almost anything to hold a camera steady for great photos. This would be great wrapped around a hand and/or arm to capture great candid photos at a party or wedding.
(Gorilla pod user. Source: Disabled Hands)

More about the GorillaPod . . .

ORCCA Technology

(images for general information only, as ORCCA are no longer taking new orders)

Photo of ORCCA camera mount with switchesPhoto of switch accessible camera and mount

Image source: ORCCA
Image of adaptable camera mount

Image source: ORCCA


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