In education technology and assistive technology combine to provide access to learning. There may be many other added benefits to the child, the class and the school, but, ultimately success is about improved standards of learning

Access is concerned with

1 Access to Communication to support learning across the whole curriculum

2 Access to Specific areas of the curriculum such as Maths, Science, Languages etc. As well as cross curricular theme such as PSHE or Citizenship

3 Access to learning about ICT, hardware, applications, data handling and communication tools.

In each of these areas there are tools and techniques that can assist

Assistive Technology Products in Schools

There are a number of products that are focussed on trhe education market. Predominatly these offer simplified interfaces and recognise that the childs experience of IT will not be as wide as that of Adults

What one particular school is using



Third level / Further and HIgher Education

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