Enhancing Audio for people with a Hearing impairment

FM Systems

FM System

Using this system the user focuses on the voice of the speaker via a small fm receiver connected to a hearing aid (with a ‘T-Switch’, or personal neck loop). This receives sound from a microphone and transmitter worn by the speaker.
FM systems are portable devices and are particularly useful in situations where there is background noise that needs to be filtered out. I.e: a busy restaurant, a classroom or a tutorial.

Induction Loop

Induction Loop

An Induction Loop is a cable that circles the listening area. Selected sound sources are connected in to this loop and these sounds can be clearly received by people using a hearing aid with a ‘T-Switch’ which is plugged into the loop.

{The "loop" itself is a single insulated thin wire which runs (usually) at floor level, all around the perimeter of the area to be served. It is powered by a driver amplifier which is fed with sound from a microphone and/or any existing sound amplification system.}

Many public buildings are fitted with induction loops and they can also be fitted for home use.

Portable versions of the device are also available that are useful for one to one or small group meetings, e.g. at an information desk.

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