Grammar and Spelling Tools

Confident Reader

Hear It, See It, Read It: ConfidentReader turns written text into natural sounding human speech. You'll find your comprehension and reading improves as you hear the material, simultaneously see the words highlight on your screen, and read along. This plays to your strengths to help you boost your performance. ConfidentReader can read electronic textbooks, PDF files, Microsoft WORD documents, and web pages.

Type It, Hear It, Check It: Spelling is often a challenge for people with dyslexia. ConfidentReader can read text as you type, by word or by sentence. This delivers critical real-time feedback to help you improve your coordination of sounds and letter combinations.

Breakthrough and Achieve: ConfidentReader is an affordable software application that helps people with reading and spelling difficulties improve their self-esteem, increase their self-confidence, and be more productive at school or work. ConfidentReader helps people with dyslexia achieve their full potential.

KeyStone Ellipsis Reader - spell checking and text-to-speech.

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker - screen reader designed for people who are blind, have low vision, dyslexia or learning difficulties.

KeyStone Speech Master - integrates voice recognition technology with a text-to-speech screen reader, homophoen checker and advanced spell checker.

Ginger Software - Ginger Spell, corrects severe spelling and grammar mistakes with a single click. Contextual errors, misused words and multiple spelling mistakes are automatically fixed enabling persons with learning disabilities to independently produce error-free writing.

Rocket Reader

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