Guidance For Writers

Any person who is registered with and is a member of abilitynet.wetpaint can post comments in the discussion forums.
Only members of abilitynet.wetpaint who have been made 'writers' can add content to the main area of pages.

The following information offers guidance for those adding content to this wiki to ensure a consistent approach.

Content Guidance


Wikipages are predominantly for the sharing of information and resources, they should state the key facts about a technology and can include supplier and price where known

Discussion Threads

Threads related to each page are for the discussion of content and where opinion as to the effectiveness and use of such technologies can be provided


We welcome content in a range of formats, embedded video, images and text are all acceptable.

  • embedded video - all embedded videos should be preceded with a short description of the content. Note: If you use Safari Beta 4, you will be unable to embed youtube widgets (a Wetpaint quirk)
  • images - all images should be tagged with alternative text
  • text - should be concise and aimed at a non technical audience wherever possible

Wetpaint How tos

Before you start adding or amending content, there are some editing quirks that you should be aware of.

Sometimes a table cell will insist on setting text to bold or to 'sub heading'. Selecting the word and choosing 'normal' might undo this, but often it won't. The best thing to do is delete the table and start again. Try and create your table well away from any bolded 'normal' heading or sub heading.


  • Mozilla Firefox is probably the best browser to use when editing the wiki. To copy an image URL from a web page, just right click and select 'copy link location'.

  • Internet Explorer can do strange things to the formatting of text and the positioning of images, which are extremely difficult to put right. IE 8 is particularly bad at this. To get round a difficult formatting situation, cut and paste the text into Notepad and then copy/paste it back into the page location you took it from. This should solve the problem. To copy an image URL from a web page, you need to right click, go to properties and then highlight and copy the image URL

  • Safari 4 doesn't support the embedding of YouTube widgets.
If you make a mistake and have problems rectifying it - don't panic Just drop the administrator an email and it will be rectified.


Wetpaint overview

Setting up a Wetpaint wiki

Using Wetpaint - The basics

Add a new page to Wetpaint

User demonstration

Changing the look

Embedding videos into the wiki

Adding hyperlinks to pages

Commercial Information

We welcome input form developers and vendors of assistive technologies. However content or posts on behalf of an organisation that would benefit financially from use of that information, should be preceeded with the tag (CID)Commercial Interest Declared.

Use of Languages

We welcome input from writers in languages other than English we request that pages of information in languages other than english are created as sub pages of the relevant english page and titled in both english and native language with a bracket stating the language that the page is written in

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