Hands free Cell phone technology

A hands free way to make a cell phone call in a car is not only convenient but it is the Law in many jurisdictions. A hands free way to use a cell phone for a person who has limited or no hand function is often a safety necessity.
Many Cell phones have speaker-phones which allow you to carry on a conversation without holding the phone in your hand. Some cell phones allow you to dial a number by simply speaking a name into a pre-configured phone.
For example the following paragraphs describe the procedure for the Apple iPhone:
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Use Voice Control to make phone calls:

Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and you hear a beep. Then use the commands described below to make calls.You can also press and hold the center button on the iPhone headset (or the equivalent button on your Bluetooth headset) to use Voice Control.

Call someone in contacts:

Say “call” or “dial” then say the name of the person. If the person has more than one number, specify which one you want to call.
A suitably paired bluetooth earpiece or separate speakerphone can extend the phones capabilities to other devices wirelessly.
Hands free way to dial a number on a cell phone
Most cell phones implement the voice dialing feature either by pressing a button or by touching the screen (iPhone example above) for a pre-determined amount of time to tell the phone to "listen". The phone will dial the associated number that matches the spoken sound. It can be stated that the need to push a button makes this a "near hands free" process. Good enough for most people but not an ideal solution for some disabled people who have difficulties with pressing buttons. If anyone knows of a true hands free method of making a call please update this section..

Hands free way to receive a call on a cell phone
The following section describes a device that allows you to answer a call with only your voice. When a call is received this device automatically activates its "listening mode". During the "listening mode" you can speak commands such as "Answer", "Accept call" or simply "OK" to answer the call. No need to push a button! True hands free operation.
This device is made by an Australian company called BlueAnt. It pairs up to most cell phones using the standard wireless Bluetooth protocol.
The BlueAnt S1 is a voice activated speakerphone which is typically attached to the sun visor in a car or it can be fixed on a wheelchair or other location as close to your mouth as convenient. Make sure the paired cell phone is always within 10 meters (30 feet) of the S1, so always take it with you on your travels.
Amazon sells these devices for around $60USD. In Canada www.Tigerdirect.ca is currently selling them for $70CAD.
One could use this device in a constrained way such as pre-arranged in-bound calls. Dialing out requires the press of a button however the BlueAnt can be used in a true hands-free fashion for voice activated answering. The following scenario illustrates one way to utilize its voice answer capability. Before you venture out on a trip you could file a so called "flight plan" with your loved ones. This "flight plan" could include a planned route and an estimated time of arrival. If you are overdue someone could call you to find out if assistance is required. The use of the BlueAnt S1 can quickly sort out the cause of your tardiness. Great for general cell phone communications but indispensable in emergencies.

BlueAnt S1 MP3 player bonus feature
The S1 can play MP3 songs or audiobooks which are stored on your phone. Make sure your phone supports the Bluetooth A2DP standard. The BlueAnt S1 pauses music playback when a call comes in.

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