For people who have shaky or unintentional arm movements Joysticks can replace the traditional mouse and provide greater control of the direction and speed of the cursor on screen. An individual can use the joystick in whatever position he/she finds most comfortable when operating the computer. They are highly flexible and enable the user to move the cursor both horizontally and vertically at various speeds.

Joystick Model B

Joystick Model A

Image of n_abler joystick
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Image of optima lighttouch joystick

Image: Keytools

They have separate buttons for left click, right click and drag lock with color corresponding switch ports on the back of the units. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated. The products include a keyguard to help users isolate on the buttons. The Joystick comes with two alternative handles to accommodate different input needs, T-Bar and Soft Sponge Ball.

The user may select items by either using 'click' and 'drag' buttons on the joystick.
An added advantage of using a Joystick is that the user can rest his/her hand on the device while moving the cursor. It provides a stable base for the user, and as a result, may prove useful for individuals who find that their hand/arm movements are unstable when using a standard mouse.Technological Requirements

Most joysticks are compatible with both PC and Macintosh Platforms.

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