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Image of a pile of laptopsThe main advantage of a laptop computer versus a desktop computer is its mobility as well as its reduced size. On the other hand, the price is generally higher for slightly less impressive performance and the laptop's hardware configuration is much less adaptable, even though it is possible to connect additional external peripherals thanks to its numerous I/O ports. Therefore, the motivation for buying a laptop computer must above all be a need for mobility or a need to save space. And, with the emergence of wireless networks and WiFi in particular, it is becoming very easy to connect to the Internet in public Hot-Spots or simply in any room of your home as long as it is equipped with a WiFi terminal.

These days the choice is bewildering, but not every model is ideal for someone with a disability. Price, size, weight, capabilities
and practicality, are all deciding factors when considering a purchase.

Accessible laptops/notebooks

Laptop keyboard cover plates

RJ Cooper
has come up with some novel ways to make a laptop easier to use, for some disabled people. A keyboard cover hides the distracting keyboard from the switch or larger keyboard user.

Cordless switch on a laptop cover plate

RJ Cooper switch on top of a laptop cover

More about RJ Cooper's laptop covers . . .

Big keys keyboard on a laptop

RJ Cooper switch on top of a laptop cover
RJ Copper big keys on a laptop keyboard cover plate

Fizzbook laptopFizzbook Childrens Laptop

Based on the Intel Classmate PC, the Fizzbook Childrens Laptop is a compact and rugged child friendly mini PC. The Fizzbook has been designed specifically for the school environment and drop tested to 60cm! The device comes pre-installed with a full Windows XP operating system, WiFi and 4.5 hour battery life.

It is mainly aimed at children between the ages of 6 - 14 to help with their academic school work and also encourage healthy pc learning. It is also very Fizzbooksmall and compact, with the screen being just 7 inches, it looks similar to a portable dvd player,and children can easily carry it about with the handle that is attatched to the Fizzbook.

The Fizzbook is extremely hardwearing, which is great for the age category it is aimed at and can withstand being dropped,splash proof ( if a child spilled a drink maybe ) and any type of wear & tear a child can throw at it.. Also safe for children to use as they cannot access inappropriate websites.

More information about the Fizzbook . . .
Fizzbook review (YouTube)

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