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A macro recorder is a piece of software that "records" user actions for "playback at a later time". The main advantage of using a macro recorder is that it allows a user to easily perform complex operations over and over that may not be feasible without custom computer programming / scripting.

Built-in Macro Recorders

Most word processors, text editors and other office programs come with built-in macro recorder tools which automate the user actions.

Standalone Macro Recorders

Not every software comes with a built-in macro recorder. A standalone macro recorder program allows a user to "record" mouse and keyboard functions for "playback" at a later time. This allows automating any activity in any software: from copy-pasting spreadsheet data to Operating system maintenance actions.
Most macro recorders do not attempt to analyze / understand what the user did when the macro was recorded. This can cause problems when trying to play back a macro if the user's desktop environment has changed. For example, if the user has changed their desktop resolution, moved icons, or moved the task bar, the mouse macro may not perform the way the user intended. That's one of the reasons why keyboard macros are preferred over the mouse ones.
But some like Jitbit Macro Recorder, Workspace Macro Recorder and Apis Ceratina do attempt to analyze user actions, trying to record mouse activity in window-related, not screen-related coordinates, for instance. Or to detect, exactly what widget was clicked or pressed by a user.
Some macro recorders, such as Jitbit Macro Recorder will conveniently convert the macro to a compressed executable file (".exe") that can run standalone, without the need for the software that generated the macro to be present on the user's computer.
Some macro recorders like Macro Express , Workspace Macro Pro or Jitbit Macro Recorder have built-in macro editors, that allow composing a macro rather than recording it. This includes adding conditional statements, custom commands such as "open file", "launch website" or "shutdown computer".

These are a few useful Macro Recorders that are available for free

Macro recorders - powerful but not for novices- also write and run scripts and autoit v2 scripts. -simple hotkey creator - simple, international keyboard support but needs .net framework to run. - has a text box for hotwords instead of pressing a hotkey

only 2.1 MB (Windows) and is free…

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