Mobile Phones

Mobile phone access for people with low vision

Video playlist of mobile phones and accessibility


Voice Controlled iPod

DirectVoxx Voice Controlled iPod and iPhone]

Text to speech for iPhone or iPod

Text to speech for Blackberry Storm

Sony K800i and Wayfinder GPS software

Controlling a PC with a Mobile Phone (via Bluetooth)

Sony Ericsson C702i with Wayfinder GPS

Using mobile phones as video projectors

image of viewsonic iphone projectorViewSonic PJ258D iPod projector

The integrated iPod dock lets you project video content directly from an iPod for larger-than-life pictures and videos. The array of projector connectivity options allows you to connect a PC, DVD player, game consoles and more. The PJ258D uses Texas Instruments DLP technology for sharp digital images.

More information about the iPod projector . . .

Projectorphone by ChinaVision

Samsung W7900 projector phone

Samsung’s protector phone is a quad-band GSM with a 3.2 inch OLED display, 5 megapixel camera, video calling, 7.2bps HSDPA and a 10 lumen projector which can display images up to 50 inches.
Samsung MBP200 Pico projector accessory

More on the Samsung Pico Projector phone

Easy Mobile:

A new handset in the 'Easy' range of accessible mobile phones has been launched in the UK by distributor
Communic8. The EasyUse handset has an anti-glare screen, large characters, large number keypad and other accessibility features. It is available through the RNIB shop or from Communic8 Ltd on a Vodafone Pay as you Talk package at £139.99:

Mata Mobile

This company sells a selection of mobile and desk phones with large buttons, which are useful for anyone with a disability. Most of thesephones also come with much larger displays

Screenreaders for Mobile Phones

Screenreaders for Mobile Phones and PDAs

There appears to be only a limited number of screenreaders available for mobile phones (Smartphones) and PDAs:

A Smartphone is a mobile which can do a lot more than the typical mobile phone - in fact very much like a computer. A smartphone is a phone with advanced features like e-mail and Internet capabilities, and/or a full keyboard. The Nokia N95 for example, is a smartphone. Smartphones work on several platforms including Windows, and Android.

A PDA (or Personal Digital Assistant) is a handheld computer – also known as a palmtop. Some of the latest PDAs can also be used as mobile phones – and these are often referred to as Smartphones. They can do this either in their own right or via a Bluetooth connection to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The Blackberry is described as a PDA phone. Another PDA is the Hewlett Packard iPAQ 114, described by HP as a Handheld PC. It is powered by Windows Mobile 6 but because it's a PDA, is not compatible with Smart HAL.

Windows Mobile has now moved on to Windows 7. (
Mobile Speak, by Code Factory. Needs a Symbian series 8 or 9 phone.
  1. Compatible phone list:
  2. Nuance ‘Talks’. Running on Symbian™ Series 60 phones, Nuance TALKS converts the displayed text on the mobile handset into highly intelligible speech. With Nuance TALKS, blind and low-vision users can take advantage of most features, including contact directories, caller ID, text messages, help files, access to the Nokia web browser, and other screen content, available on their mobile phones. TALKS&ZOOMS support the newest Nokia handsets, like the Nokia E51, E90, N81, N82 / N82 8GB, and N95 8GB!. More info:

    View the Talks video . .

There doesn't appear to be screenreader available yet for a Blackberry. It uses it’s own operating system called RIM Blackberry. What accessibility features Blackberry devices have can be found below.

KNFB Reader:
The knfbReader Mobile and kReader Mobile software packages run on a multifunction cell phone that allow the user to read mail, receipts, handouts and many other documents wherever the user happens to be. This is a pocket-sized solution to reading on the go. The knfbReader Mobile software has a feature set designed for blind or low vision users.

What it features:
  • Reads most printed documents, from letters and memos to pages in a book
  • Reads address labels and package information and instructions
  • Easily recognizes U.S. currency
  • Displays each sentence visually and highlights each word as it is read
  • Stores thousands of pages using easily obtainable flash memory Transfers text files to and from computers or Braille note takers Adjusts reading speed to suit user’s preference. .
    This software is now available for the Iphone.

    Other OCR packages

    It also might be a good idea to consider another package called Prizmo (

    Doc Scanner is available for most mobile phone systems. You can find more details here (

    Interesting comparison between KNFB and Prizmo from the perspective of a blind user (

    Android Screen Reader-Talk Back

    To use this feature you need to download the Talk Back software from the Android Market.

  • Connecting a bluetooth switch to an Android device

    Android Mobile Accessibility

    Android Tactile Keyboard

    KNFB general overview

    Using the KNFB reader in detail

    Captura Talk
    Software that will run on some phones and windows mobile devices – take a photo of text and the software will grab the text and read it back to you. CapturaTalk is an innovative software package designed to operate on a range of Windows Mobile phones to access information and to support reading whilst on the move. This is ideal for people who require literacy support for disabilities such as dyslexia, or for those learning English.

    Take a photo of important text that you need to understand or remember; CapturaTalk will scan the photograph, recognise the text using the OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) and read the information aloud to you with the text to speech function. You could hear the information printed on a ticket, an information board or a set of instructions; anywhere text can be scanned.

    For more information about Captura Talk, goto

    Appears not to be compatible with phones using Symbian OS.

    Compatible devices . . .

    The SideKick Slide:
    Image of Sidekick Slide cell phoneThe SideKick Slide is sold by T-Mobile. One of the features of the phone is Instant messaging. Deaf people will find this useful as they can connect and communicate with someone immediately. In Issue 69 of Ability Magazine ( they report that the parents of an autistic student load a list of things he must do each day, to remind him.

    Switch accessible mobile phones


    Image of Click2Phone deviceThe Click-to-Phone enables a person who cannot press the keys of a mobile phone to operate the phone with a single switch, a 5 switch device or the joystick on their powered wheelchair. All the Phone’s functions can be accessed through the Click-to-Phone software. For example the Phone can be answered, the contacts list can be browsed, text messages to be sent etc.

    More information from QED Online . . .

    Using a Mobile Phone with Click-to-Phone

    Using Mobile Phones with Bluetooth keyboards:

    Converts your mobile device into an easy to access Laptop. This newly introduced product is apparently the world's only dual standard full sized folding keyboard.

    Bluetooth keyboards

    Web browsers on mobile phones

    • Safari for the Apple iPhone
    • Opera on the Apple and Android operatng systems
    • An overview of web browsers for mobile phones

    Satellite Navigation for mobile phones

    • Loadstone GPS. Free GPS software for mobile phones. Developed for Symbian Mobile/phones using the Series60 platform. Although Loadstone-GPS is a useful navigational tool for everyone, it is particularly useful for blind and visually impaired people using screen readers such as Talks (TM) (a Nuance product) and Mobile Speak (TM) (a Code Factory product). FAQ and more information . . .
    • Wayfinder Access aims to help the blind and visually impaired to become more mobile with better access to their surroundings. The navigation software can be combined with text-to-speech applications like Code Factory's screen reader for Symbian mobile phones, Mobile Speak, to convert the displayed directions on the mobile device into highly intelligible speech. It also integrates unparalleled screen magnification with font smoothing thus making Wayfinder Access the perfect mobility solution even to the low-vision users. Find out more about Wayfinder and in which countries it is available . . .

      Wayfinder North America - Compatible phones . . .

    Useful Resources:

    If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Iphone and you are visually impaired you may want to consider using the SIRI system.

    Features of Siri on an iphone

    For some independent reviews of the SIRI functionality system have a look at:

    If you don't have an Iphone but have an Android phone Evi will assist you.

    It will work on an Iphone too!