Reading and Writing Devices

  • New Intel text reading device called Reader

    Intel has shown-off a device designed to give vision-impaired and dyslexic people access to printed text.
    The device, known as the Reader, captures text and then reads it aloud and displays it on its built-in screen. The development is unusual because so-called "assistive technologies" are normally manufactured by specialist companies rather than global giants.

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    Dell Text Reader

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    Intel Reader Part 1

    Intel Reader Part 2 - peripherals

  • LiveScribe Pulse Smart Pen. Records everything you write and hear. It can then be transferred to your computer for review and editing. Clicking on your written notes will activate the speech recorded at the time of writing. A great bit of kit for note taking. Watch the videos.

    How the Pulse Smart Pen works

    From Pulse Smart Pen to Computer

    Smart Pen additional features

    Smart Pen user review

  • DigiScribble. A 2” by 1” device that clips onto a notepad and captures handwriting and when uploaded to PC, uses myscript software to recognise handwriting and convert to text. No special paper or pen needed. AbilityNet have 2 in there loan bank. More information about the Digiscribble at

  • Pegasus Mobile Notetaker.
    • Pegasus notetaker
    Using Mobile NoteTaker: just attach plain paper of any kind and then start writing with the Digital Pen. Everything you write is captured. A built-in LCD confirms what you write is saved; meeting notes, lectures notes, sketches or any other information you need to save while away from your desk.

    The on-board flash memory can store up to 50 pages (A4 / Letter). Once back at office / home, simply connect the Mobile NoteTaker to your PC / Notebook and the notes are transfered via USB cable into Pegasus NoteManager or MS OneNote® 2003.

  • Note Taker EN100.

    Watch the video. You use the pen just like any other. A small device placed at the top of the page captures and stores the pen's movements digitally.

    The device is later connected to a computer and the stored information loaded into a program which comes with the device. The notes or drawings made by the pen are then reproduced on screen. Very clever.

    (A supplier: Progetto Unico).

  • G-Note 7100 digital notepadG-Note 7100 Digital Notepad and pen.

    · Capture notes and diagrams in meetings, presentations.
    · A4 size working pad
    · Built-in 32MB memory can store up to 75 pages
    · Two cordless pens for digital notes and tablet
    · Transfers digital pages to PC via USB cable for editing, organising or sharing by e-mail

  • Logitech Personal Digital Pen - Review by ZDnet

  • DigiMemoDigiMemo A402. According to the Acedad website: "The DigiMemo is a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows. When connected to a PC, the DigiMemo A402 offers an on-line writing function which can instantly synchronize your writing on the paper with the digital page in its software in Windows. It also is a USB tablet device in Windows."

  • Wacom Tablets. Wacom do a range of tablets which can be written on with a pen and make good alternatives to using a standard Wacom Bamboomouse. The Bamboo is just one example. Works with new handwriting recognition, inking and pen features in Windows Vista (all editions but Home Basic) and Apple operating systems (OS X). Easy scrolling and zooming with finger-sensitive Touch Ring.

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    Using the Bamboo with Office applications

    Using a Wacom - A users review

Scanning Pens

The Reading Pen

The Reading Pen enables someone to scan over a typed word & instantly hear it aloud on it's built-in speaker (headphones also included). The portable pen is especially designed for people with reading difficulties such as Dyslexia.It features the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, containing over 240,000 words and definitions, hundreds of new words and phrases. The Pen has a British digital voice which can turn any text into speech. The Pen also now includes a "Trainer" - The trainer fits onto the end of the pen and assists with scanning for the first time.
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Image of Reading Pen

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Reading Pen TS Oxford

This device reads words and definitions aloud giving the user the independence to read on their own. It comes with a stylus and a touch screen so as well as being able to scan words in you can also enter them directly onto the pen's screen.
  • Scans single words or full lines of text
  • Displays selected word in large font to enable easier, clearer viewing.
  • Reads the scanned text aloud in a British accent, including its definitions, with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology using built-in speaker or earphones.
  • Easy to use buttons and straightforward menus.
  • Right/left handed support.
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Image of ReadingPen TS Oxford

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Frankin Spellmaster

The Spellmaster is a device to help you improve spelling and to help find the meaning of words

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