Using embedded Videos

When playing embedded videos through the flash movie players from YouTube and Google Video screenreader users may have problems in identifying which control performs which task on the player.

A greatly simplified online Youtube player is now available and was created by Chris Heilmann in response to a request made by Antonia Hyde during Ability Net's Accessibility2.0 conference. Full instructions can be found in link at the bottom of the player's page.

The labels below reflect the tasks related to each label identified through screenreader use

Youtube and Google video – Button labelling


5 button Play ·
7 button Rewind to beginning
8 button Time slider current position
9 button Time slider
15 button Volume slider current position
17 button Volume slider
18 button Volume icon (mute)
20 button Resize video (toggles between 100% and 50% or similar)
21 button Jumps to hotspot within volume icon, but appears to have no function
22 button Full screen

Google Video

0 button Selects whole video (click does nothing )
3 button Play button (toggles between play and pause)
4 button Time slider current position
5 button
7 button Time slider
9 button Volume slider
10 button Full screen button
11 button End of time slider
12 button Video size drop down menu
13 button Volume slider current position

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