What is a Wiki ?

This Video explains what a wiki is and how it is developed through Sharing and Collaboration

A wiki is really different because the content comes from its users. Your experience, feedback, knowledge and opinion can be added to pages at any stage. Every little bit, whether a passing observation or a summary of lifelong involvement adds to the cumulative value of the wiki.

Authors to the wiki can create new pages for new issues - these are known as stubs. A stub may be a short article, or it could be a question but by finding that stub from other pages users can help build it into a full page of content.

Authors may also want to link to external websites - this is fine but all external content should be appropriate not only to the users of the wiki but also should recognise the general audience including children and young people who may view content
In the wiki all opinions are valid - but we ask for your comments to be moderate and constructive.

We do not object to manufacturers using the wiki to tell us about your products - we do not condone manufacturers editing information from competitors or failing to disclose the commercial interest in their comments. If you have such an interest please preface your comments with "CID" Commercial Interest Declared

We will delete any abusive comments or inappropriate content.

We welcome feedback on the Wiki

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