Windows 7

What's new in Windows 7?

According to a Computer World review, Windows 7 looks much like Windows Vista,but there have been some nifty interface tweaks, and more are on the way. Amongst the many new features, there is a drastically redesigned and more functional Taskbar. When the new interface takes effect, according to Microsoft and to screenshots that the company has supplied, the Taskbar will be somewhat similar to Mac OS X's Dock. Large application icons on the Taskbar will launch programs when clicked, and you can customize which applications live there. The Quick Launch bar will be history, because the entire Taskbar now acts as a Quick Launch bar, an addition to its other capabilities. And when you run applications, their icons will show up on the Taskbar as well. The Windows Sidebar has been dispensed with, but Gadgets remain. They are no longer confined to the Sidebar and can live anywhere on the desktop. (Info source: Computer World)

Windows 7 Accessibility

AbilityNet's David Banes has had a chance to have a look at the new Windows 7 and here's a quick summary of his findings:

" Windows 7 beta has some major upgrades to its accessibility options/ease of access

1 Full screen magnification in Magnifier

2 Resizeable on screen keyboard

3 Full word prediction in the On screen Keyboard

4 Multiple profiles now easily managed in Voice recognition

5 Enlarged dispaly settings available from desktop

Very good news and I think evidence that Microsoft have been listening very carefull to the inclusion community - we should be welcoming all of these steps forward. "

See David's full review at: . . .

Got a problem with Windows 7? Why not use Problem Steps Recorder to help solve it

The Problem Steps Recorder in the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information.

Learn how the recording can be used to quickly identify problems and help reduce time spent with the help desk.

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Overview of the Problem Steps Recorder

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